Retail Digital Signage

Today’s ever-connected customers are more informed and have higher expectations.

With the popularity of online shopping, stores are being forced to think beyond discounting to keep the in-store customers engaged. Digital Signage Productions was establish to fill an important niche in the retail digital signage market. Multiple brick and mortar spaces have implemented our digital signage screens to keep up with their digitally sophisticated customers. Businesses have many options when it comes to digital displays — here’s some choices:

  • Retail digital signage displays are easy to update using a web-based content management system that can be accessed from any Internet-enabled computer or mobile device.
  • Full 1080p or 4K signage screens provide vivid HD playback that engages shoppers and conveys information and messaging more clearly.
  • A sophisticated scheduling app allows users to program content changes in advance. Zone-based, multi-user templates adapt to the needs of larger businesses and create more directed content.
  • A wide range of free content widgets allow for the integration of various media, including RSS feeds, Facebook, Twitter and other social media updates, and calendar information.
  • Full wired and wireless connectivity.