Digital Signage Columbus Ohio

Normally , signs are not exactly the coolest or hippest part of any event or function, but they’re one of the most important. They provide maps and directions, event schedules, menu boards, and agendas, among all kinds of other information. But there’s no reason that your signage can’t be informative and aesthetically and technically impressive at the same time—and that’s where Digital Signage Productions’ digital signage solutions come in.

Traditional signs are static and not particularly dynamic. Enter digital signage. Digital Signage Productions digital signage solutions use an advanced solid state controller to create vibrant, dynamic digital signs and interactive kiosks. Show off all kinds of high-definition images, video, and audio. Load automatic playback from a removable memory card or a remote network. Top it off with support for an interactive touch screen, buttons, a computer mouse, or whatever mode of interactivity you want.

Digital Signage Productions digital signage solutions connect directly to available networks, which brings a whole new set of possibilities. You can, of course, deliver your content remotely, but you can also schedule content playback to synchronize multiple displays. You can show several content windows on one digital sign or break an image up into a collage of several digital signs.